Parent Information

Some important information for parents on all different aspects of our centre:


If you child has been prescribed medication by a doctor – please ensure that all details are correct on the label. Medications can only be administered by staff if the label is attached and shows the childs name, dosage and used by date. Also a Medication form listing instructions on dosage and times to be given must be filled out for ALL medications – both prescribed and non prescribed (i.e. over the counter medications – panadol/nappy creams etc)


All Educators hold First Aid Certificate which includes training on Asthma and Anaphylaxis.

If you child has an allergy/special dietary requirement/illness that we need to be aware – please ensure that you fill out appropriate forms to do with these. Also note down any information that may be valuable when assisting your child in case of an emergency.

Emergency Evacuation procedures are practiced regularly – allowing for all different scenario’s.

Parents will be notified if there is an outbreak of an infectious illness. If this illness is an immunisable illness – then all non immunised children will need to be excluded from the centre until the outbreak subsides.

Hats are worn by both children and Educators when outdoors – all year round.

Sunscreen is applied to children 20 minutes before planned outdoor plays and every 2 hours after that.


We aim to provide the children with the recommended percentages of their daily intake as per the guidelines. We take into consideration each individual child’s requirements, cultural backgrounds and special dietary requirements and cater accordingly. Meals provided are chosen so they provide a wide variety of different foods, are appropriate for the seasons and promote self help skills.