Our Nursery Educators are highly experienced in the care of babies and are dedicated to the nurturing and love needed at a young age.  Qualified educators provide a programme of experiences that will excite, stimulate the senses and develop the brain. 

The Nursery has the latest toys and equipment as well as a stimulating indoor and outdoor play area. 

A wide verandah keeps the babies shaded in the heat of summer and dry when it rains while still allowing for outdoor play. The verandah opens up onto a large lawned area with fixed play equipment as well as daily alternatives. 

The indoor environment is heated in winter and cooled in summer for maximum comfort. The babies sleep room is also climate controlled with clean and safe cots and bedding all conforming to Australian Standards and are SIDS and Kids compliant.

Please click on the link below to read the Nursery Philosophy:

Nursery Philosophy