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Welcome Miss Alicia

We are very excited to welcome Miss Alicia to our team as our ECT. Miss Alicia has been in the long-day care industry for 20 years, working as an ECT since late 2008. She has worked in both Long Day Care Centres and in the Independent Public-School System, including a few of our local Byford Primary Schools.

Miss Alicia’s vision is to offer a child focused program that encourages the children to explore, inquire, discover and imagine through play-based experiences. She will be including experiences that assist the children in developing skills in order to prepare them for school.

Miss Alicia will be conducting our Kindy Program on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. To get to know a little bit more about her, there is a booklet “Getting to know your Early Childhood Teacher” on the shelving in the kindy room. Please take the time to read this :)

We are looking forward to seeing all Miss Alicia’s wealth of ideas come to life :) Please join us in making her feel welcome to our family.


Byford Child Care Centre has introduced a new session type for families who have children who need full time care. We are happy to announce that for full time families there is now the option of 10 hour sessions, meaning you are able to maximise your CCS entitlements over the full fortnight if this is the best option for you.

If you would like more information about this, please see Jodi or Nadene in the office and we can show you how this will work for you.



For 6 months we have been working with our Licensing body to extend our opening hours….. we are happy to announce that starting next Monday 25th February Byford Child Care Centre will be open from 6:30am. Our closing time will remain at 6:15pm.

Breakfast will now be served from 6:30am – 7:30am every morning with a selection of cereals and toast on offer.

We are so glad we were able to make this change and are constantly looking at ways that we can improve our service to our amazing families


Byford Child Care Centre is assessed under the guidelines of the National Quality Framework. The centre and staff are evaluated against 7 Quality Areas by a moderator appointed by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

Assessment is an ongoing process of self-improvement to ensure the quality of care offered to children is of the highest standard.

We have recently been through the Assessment and Rating process and are very pleased to announce that we have been rated as EXCEEDING!!!!!!

We would like to congratulate our amazing team for their consistent high quality care they provide to our families and children. We thank you all for your efforts and are very happy that you have received the recognition you deserve.

Keep up the fantastic work !!!!

Please see below the breakdown:

Quality Area 1
Educational Program and Practice

Quality Area 2
Children’s Health and Safety

Quality Area 3
Physical Environment

Quality Area 4
Staffing Arrangements

Quality Area 5
Relationships with Children

Quality Area 6
Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

Quality Area 7
Leadership and Service Management

Overall Rating


We have been sorting through some of our toys and we are looking to update a few resources.

Do you have any of the following at home that you dont use anymore? We would love to take them from you :)

* Computer keyboards, mouse or other suitable computer equipment

* Phones including house phones, cordless phones, mobile phones or similar

* Camp/BBQ equipment including tongs, sauce bottles, sleeping bags, binoculars, pots/pans etc

* Old cameras

Any of these or any other resources you have at home would be greatly appreciated.