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Did you know that Byford Childcare Centre has a Skoolbag App.

This app will keep you up to date with the events that are happening at the centre, gives you access to information around parenting and child development, book parent/educator meetings and many many more things.

As the app is still very new – we are in the process of uploading more and more information.

To download the app – go to either the App Store or Google Play Store and search for Byford Childcare Centre.

If you have anything you wish to see the app contain – please let Jodi know.



We have been sorting through some of our toys and we are looking to update a few resources.

Do you have any of the following at home that you dont use anymore? We would love to take them from you :)

* Computer keyboards, mouse or other suitable computer equipment

* Phones including house phones, cordless phones, mobile phones or similar

* Camp/BBQ equipment including tongs, sauce bottles, sleeping bags, binoculars, pots/pans etc

* Old cameras

Any of these or any other resources you have at home would be greatly appreciated.