Benefits of Child Care

Below are just some of the benefits for putting your child into childcare at an early age:

Less emotional problems

Kids in childcare whose mothers are depressed are less likely to have their own emotional problems, separation anxiety and social withdrawal symptoms.

An opportunity to grow

A quality childcare program can spell success in the future – especially places where the kids are given enough learning and socialisation opportunities, stimulation, and affection. Due to kids getting used to a schedule and routine, the transition will be easier when school starts.

Less colds later on

According to a study in the journal JAMA Paediatrics, children who were in large childcare groups before 2 and half years of age had more respiratory and ear infections. They were however, sick less often during primary and high school than children who were cared for at home.

A bigger brain

Studies show that children who are in childcare early on have higher intellectual abilities; especially because they have opportunities for observation, parallel play and socialisation.

Better behaviour

One of the biggest benefits of childcare is socialisation. Kids have to learn how to share, solve problems and be team players.  At a well-run program with educators who have a strong education background, kids learn to use their voices to solve conflicts.